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Shanell Williams

Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Developing Your Phoenix Move is the Ultimate Experience!

      CEO and creator of the Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience, Shanell Williams, is an accomplished and battle tested serial entrepreneur with more than ten (10) years of experience. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Herzing University, Shanell worked several years as a protection officer in the government and private sectors. At the age of 19, she experienced her first exposure to entrepreneurship within the industry of network marketing. She quickly learned timing and positioning is everything. There is where she learned the importance of personal growth and development. She has also acquired skills in marketing, graphic design, business development, transformational speaking, managing teams, coaching, and more. Her passion for helping others who are motivated in changing their lives from the inside out, pushed her to dig deeper to develop a system that could not only stimulate financial growth for others, but also in the remaining three areas of their lives. These areas include: spirituality, personal and professional relationships with self and others, and in health.

     With a heart of gold, Ms. Williams makes every effort to give back to the community. Due to her own experience with domestic violence, suicide, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear, and a list of scarcity driven circumstances, she vows to help others free themselves from the wrath of their scarcity mindset. She tackles this task by bringing awareness, providing solutions, and helping those who are motivated to obtain, implement, and maintain an abundant overflow of happiness and positive results. 

     Thinking with the end in mind is how Ms. Williams manages to stay focused on her mission. She is a true woman of T.I.E who uses her talents to transform, inspire, and empower as many people as she can to live a satisfying and productive life worth living.

She is gifted in the areas of creativity, critical analysis, and bringing forth transformation. Through her gifts, her talents are composed of:

  • Innovative Business Development & Marketing

  • Motivational | Transformational Speaking

  • Graphic Design | Website Development

  • Writing | Content Creation

  • Teaching & Mentoring

Just to name a few . . . 

Through Shanell's talents, she pursues her passion of transforming, inspiring, and empowering the lives of others through activating their success in the four quadrants of their lives. Due to her strong passion to activate and stimulate transformation, she makes use of her talents to breakdown the complicated processes of life in all areas. Shanell is so powerful in her gift that she simplifies these processes of life to where a 5th Grader can quickly and easily understand and assemble. Then, she teaches others these powerful methods that will transform and allow them to live abundantly in their purpose.

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