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If One Person Can Transform One Life, 


We're all aware of the problems within our communities, now it's time to implement the solutions!

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Who do we service?

     Although we are here for everyone, EPOA’s most dominant audience is made up of men, women, and youth who are or have experienced any life altering events that may be preventing them from evolving into the best version of themselves. These life altering events include, but are not limited to: 

  • High Risk Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Incarceration

  • Sexual | Emotional | Verbal Abuse 

  • Recovering Drug / Alcohol / Substance Addiction

  • Domestic Violence Abuse

  • Divorce | Starting Over and more…

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     Through our organization we contribute to the uprising of our urban communities through restoring a positive harmonic balance within the lives of men, women, and children in the four quadrants of life: spirituality, holistic health, relationships with self and others, and finances using action packed personal development, customized strategic life planning, precise guided implementation, personal and professional maintenance, and more.

     We've established partnerships with elementary, middle, and high schools all over Georgia to assist in the youth and parental involvement through a strategic plan of action that promotes healthy bonds between parent(s) and their child(ren).

     The funds collected for the Phoenix Kids are used for monthly workshops, supplies, trips, kid friendly events, etc.





     Through your decision to donate to our Elite Scholarship Fund, you are giving someone the gift of transformation. It’s your contribution that restores hope and new life to those who are dedicated to taking all the necessary steps in embracing the best and the worst parts of themselves.


     You can rest assured that your donation will be carefully disbursed to those who have successfully met our program qualifications. Meeting our program qualifications simply means the participant is sincere in their desire to transform their lives and they will do what’s required to make the transformational shift. Here with Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc., we know how important it is to ensure that all resources are used as efficient and effective as possible with the best practices.





     At some point or another, many people tend to fall on hard times for multiple reasons. We are here to not only help those individuals, but to also show the power in what we can do as a community or nation of people. We can be the change we seek. All we must do is TAKE ACTION!

     Our emergency hardship funding program covers:

✓ Light Bill
Water Bill
Gas Bill
Phone Bill
Emergency Food | In most cases, funding is not given. Local resources are provided.
Clothing | In most cases, funding is not given. Local resources is provided.
Public Transportation Assistance – Mortgage, Rent
Child Care, etc.





     Our workshops are free to the public. They're designed to help participants heal from whatever pain they are fostering, help them understand and gain gratitude and appreciation, and also strategically organize their future for their desired success (this is also known as the rebuilding process). All our workshops are structured to ignite the intricate breakthrough of each participant. These events have been carefully designed to begin transformation from the inside out—literally giving the participants the ultimate blueprint for their lives.


     Upon completion of these workshops, participants will have learned how to accept, forgive, take accountability, focus, and move on. They will also learn how to fully map out a strategic plan of action to reach their ultimate life goals, whether personal accomplishments or career endeavors. Moreover, participants will learn the skill set of how to manage their income and outcome, allowing them to obtain and maintain financial stability for themselves and their families.

Help us to continue to offer these workshops free of charge.

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Elite Operational Fund

     These funds cover the cost of the facility's financial needs, such as:


- Rent

- Utilities

- and any necessary renovations needed to meet the daily operational demands of our organization. 


We believe the men, women, and children in our communities are worth investing money, time, and resources into. Help us in our mission to transforming, inspiring, and empowering our communities.




These funds will be used wherever there is a need. Needs includes:

- Phoenix Kids

- Emergency Assistance

- Building Fund

- Elite Scholarship Fund

- Events

- Workshops

- Staff

and more... 

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