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Join the Phoenix Kids Mentee Program

For potential mentees, this is a great opportunity for you to connect with a
mentor who can offer you insight, advice, tutoring – and help you navigate

the next stage/s of your academic studies.

Become an Elite Phoenix Mentor/Tutor

For potential mentors and tutors, this is a great opportunity to give back,
become a better leader, and refine your own skills and networks.

Unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of people we can accept into the first group/cohort of mentors and mentees – so make sure to sign up right now clicking the "sign up" buttons above.

Phoenix Kids

Parent & Youth Involvement Program

     Our Phoenix Kids Program is dedicated to serving the youth and their parents. With the Phoenix Kids program, we are on a mission to:

  • increase opportunities to learn, evolve, and grow,

  • contribute to the mental, physical, and emotional development of our people,

  • the elevate our youth academically while encouraging and implementing positive parental involvement

  • unify families through building and restoring parent(s) and child(ren) relationships and trust.

To carry out our mission with the productive evolution of our Phoenix Kids and parents, we build incredible partnerships with youth-based organizations that specialize in the positive transformation of at-risk youth. Through our alliances, we are able to:


(1) An added optional resource for assistance: Parents who are sincere about wanting to transform their lives and become a better version of themselves are given the opportunity to take advantage of our monthly interactive workshops. Through our service as a preventative method, we contribute to the eradication of criminal activities, homelessness, starvation, and more. Parents can become members and go through a unique and intensive developmental program designed to give them the tools they need to live purposefully. They learn the importance of conflict resolution, positively operating under stressful environments, preventative maintenance, taking the initiative, and more.

(2) Contribute to bringing families together: One of the most difficult truths about many parents and children relationships in our communities is that they’re almost non-existent. With the number of working parents mixed with technology, not to mention those parents who are just not active in their children’s lives, there is a major issue with the parent and child connection. It's time to put an end to this.

(3) Artfully challenge students to academically excel: Through our Elite Family Game Night, students and parents work together as a team to complete our Elite Phoenix Zone Obstacle course, also known as the EPZ. The EPZ is designed to academically challenge students as they push through to the finish line. With the help of their parents, students will learn, compete to win fun prizes, and more. This strategically handcrafted course will also assist in ensuring students are prepared and ready for their classroom studies and standardized testings.

More benefits include:

  • healthy balance and bonds between parents and their child(ren). 

  • Creating caring environments of trust and respect

  • Promotes better emotional and social development

  • Encourages parents to be in the moment with their child(ren)

  • Stimulates heart health with action-based activities (healthy habits)

  • Increased academic development through educational games and involvement

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     Another interactive event we host monthly is called Phoenix Kids DYPM Workshops & Elite Phoenix DYPM Workshops for Adults. These workshops promote and produces positive change for students and parents. They're designed to bring awareness, teach, strengthen, and exercise solutions amongst the participants. Participants learn many life skills they can use to lead more productive lives. They learn strategic organization, goal setting, how to map out a full plan of action, and more. One of the major keys to these workshops is that the kids and parents get to travel on their developmental journey’s together.

Long Term Goals…
Our program focuses more on the long term goal of the participant, which is to successfully get every participant to a point in their lives where they are habitually implementing on-going progressive actions, positive decision making skills, and the ability to maintain and increase financial stability.

Follow Up…
Although many of our parents and youth will move on to enjoy happy and successful lives, we will encourage them to stay connected. In many cases, many are forgotten about and in other cases, others simply fall off the grid. However, in both instances, communication is the joining factor that both scenarios are lacking; whether this means the organization isn't continuously following-up or the individual isn't keeping in touch. Our Personal Maintenance Program is an ongoing continuation of growth and development to maintain communication, support, and positive progression. This ensures the members of our program you choose to hire will always give their best effort no matter what.


Through our unique fail-proof plan, we activate a new strategic plan that brings to life a new approach to outreach. With our valued partners on our side, we extend our reach and largely impact our broken communities and create stronger communities that will lead this Nation.

Alongside our two special events, we also provide:

  • Elite Tutoring and Mentorship Program for Ages 6 - 17

  • Educational Activities | After School Program | Summer Programs | Field Trips

  • Youth DYPME Program | 12 Week Program infused with age appropriate techniques designed strictly for our youth.

  • Funding for senior dues, extra curricular activities, back to school events, and more...

We not only tackle the task of ensuring our Phoenix Kids are excelling academically, overall, we also help our youths and parents live healthier more productive lives, promote community responsibility, and encourages alternatives to drugs, alcohol and early sexual activity.

Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc, is proud to have joined forces with our partners to implement a powerful plan of massive action within youth involvement and enrichment.

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