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G.E.D  PREP Program

       More than 17 million people have received a General Education Diploma, also known as GED, since the program began in 1943. Only those who have not earned a high school diploma are permitted to take the GED tests. The GED Tests include five subject area tests:

  1. Language Arts/Writing

  2. Language Arts/Reading 

  3. Social Studies 

  4. Science

  5. Mathematics

       In addition to English, the GED tests are available in many languages and in large print. The GED credential itself is issued by the state, province or territory in which the test taker lives. Many government institutions and universities regard the GED as the same as a high school diploma with respect to program eligibility and as a prerequisite for admissions.

To take the GED Tests, you must be at least 16 years of age.


Here with Elite Phoenixes of America Inc., we offer our members an in-depth course in the required five areas of development. Through our certified GED instructor, members can be sure they are receiving the appropriate training.Upon completion of our course, our members experience an extreme confidence as they move on to the next level to take their final exam.

Our G.E.D courses are held Monday through Friday's online and every Saturday at our facility.

When: Every Saturday

Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Elite Phoenixes of America Inc.

118 North Ave Suite E 

Jonesboro, GA 30236

       Mrs. Keita has been teaching and tutoring in the areas of child and adult education for over twenty years. Working as a certified GED Director since February 2009, she's developed a healthy partnership with Dekalb Piedmont College to assist in the educational growth of the men, women, and youth that completes their training. Mrs. Keita earned her Master's in Mental Health Counseling, a Bachelor's in Business Administration, and has completed various Master level courses in early childhood education. She contributes a great deal of time giving back and being of service to the community. She has served as a volunteer for many organizations and causes such as the Boy Scouts of America, the election of Congressman "Hank" Johnson, and the YMCA, just to name a few. Currently Mrs. Adriane is the owner of Working Together Learning Center where she tutors K-12th graders and college students to meet academic goals of achievement and adults in education literacy.


Meet Mrs. Adriane Keita

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