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Phase I

The Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience: The Blueprint

     Phase I is a 12 week program filled with hands-on action packed personal development. This program requires participants to complete a 12 week online and offline developmental course while strategically handcrafting their own unique action plans. This training is a major part of our program. It consist of intrinsic topics and activities needed to disintegrate the participants past to help them heal from whatever pain they are fostering, distinguish their “right now” to help them understand and gain gratitude and appreciation, and then we begin to strategically organize their future for their desired success (this is also known as the rebuilding process). All of our training modules are structured to ignite the intricate breakthrough of each participant. It teaches 

them how to cope and handle life’s curve balls without doubting their own ability to manage unfortunate changes and challenges. Each module has been carefully designed to begin transformation from the inside out—literally giving our men, women, and youth the ultimate blueprint for their lives. Upon completion of this program, participants learn how to accept, forgive, take accountability, focus, and move on. They also learn how to fully map out a strategic plan to reaching their ultimate life goals, whether personal accomplishments or career endeavors. Moreover, participants learn the skill set of how to manage their income and outcome, allowing them to obtain and maintain financial stability for themselves and their families.

A successful Phoenix is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them. 
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Phase II

The Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience: The Blueprint

     Phase II is an ongoing continuation of growth and development to maintain positive progression. This program focuses on the implementation of the personalized strategic plan created during the “Phase I” program. It holds the client accountable and keeps them on track with reaching their set milestones, goals, and desired results. This program also focuses on job training, professional training, and/or educational advancement (i.e. college readiness and enrollment, G.E.D, and more).

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Our Brochure

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