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Christopher C. Berry


Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable!

     Born and raised in Macon, GA, Christopher Berry has always had a deep-seeded passion to do more for his community. When he was a child, growing up, he saw the changes that were happening. These changes were not always good. From increased crime to gentrification, then, to the obvious racial divide. He held this passion to do more for his people, to uplift them from being "statistics" to superstars! However this was not going to be an easy challenge. After all, what challenge is easy? 


     As Mr. Berry matured, he saw how his community and the nation as a whole, grew progressively worse in the areas of police brutality, white nationalism, gun violence, and gang activity. This is the unfortunate facts of life in America. 


     Tired of the bystander mentality, Mr. Christopher made the conscience decision to attempt at bringing together solutions. He understood that posting angry comments on social media does not change anything! In 2017, Mr. Berry connected with EPOA's founder Shanell Williams and became good friends. He resonated with her fiery passion and mentality of action versus inaction, particularly in the same areas as his.

     In the summer of 2019, Mr. Berry held a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of irrational violence. While only a handful of people showed up, Ms. Williams gave Christopher the extra boost through her presence in a show of solidarity. This alliance was what Mr. Berry was awaiting. Knowing that there are others with the "action versus inaction" attitude transformed everything for him. From that day forward, he's been working as a valued member of EPOA.

     According to Mr. Berry,the biggest takeaway he's learned is that if we want change, we have to be willing to come out of our comfort zones and to get familiar with the unfamiliar. Because being comfortable of where you are currently is not comfort. It's complacency.

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