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About Our Annual Events . . .

     Our Rise of the Phoenix Community Action Event is a one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, multi-day event. It includes everything from live performances, special guest speakers, fun hands-on activities and games for adults and youth, live music, the Elite Phoenix Raffle Drawing, and more. The Day, and the month of events & activities leading up to it are designed to strengthen the bonds between companies, nonprofit organizations, public figures, and local communities.

This year’s theme for Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc’s Rise of the Phoenix Community Action Event is “Extreme Family Field Day.”

     Tons of children suffer from the consumption of their own impressionable minds because many parents have grown lazy, tired, and mentally weak. It’s not 100% their fault though. It’s a major part of the conditioning, however, we are at a place where we can now do something about it! We can transform ourselves. 

We can rebuild our communities, seek higher education, build our own businesses, and embrace our unique gifts and talents. Through transforming ourselves, our children will follow suit. We can raise a new generation of powerhouses, but we must first set the foundation and become that powerhouse for them.

     We’re hosting small community events in as many local and out of state communities as possible to begin our community transformational efforts. The purpose of these events is to stimulate internal growth, education, awareness, solutions, and positive progressive action amongst our people. Through these events, we can also actively explore issues such as public / private partnerships, nonprofit-to-nonprofit communications, combined social impact of nonprofit / corporate alliances and so much more.

     Furthermore, The Rise of the Phoenix Community Action Event provides an increasingly rare opportunity for cross-sector communication and engagement. Meet, greet, and share ideas with the individuals and organizations who are growing and sustaining Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc, as we explore new creative and innovative economic avenues. Are you looking to connect with decision makers, front-line service providers, creative and enthusiastic individuals tackling important societal issues? As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to connect and be recognized in the communities you serve.

     Be a part of one of the most important community efforts in Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc to strengthen and help to grow our nonprofit and community efforts. We need you to help make this happen.


Why Become an Elite Sponsor?

     For the past few years, we’ve been strategically working on a complete formula that would give birth to an enriched way of life. We’ve partnered with an innovative developmental program called T.I.E Elite Network, LLC. Through our alliance with T.I.E, we are able to provide our participants with top notch services such as the Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience, also known as DYPME. The DYPME is a full service program which includes a variety of services. Along with the DYPME services, Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc. provides additional services and assistance to ensure the success of our participants.

     Through your decision to become an Elite Sponsor, you are making a major impact within the community through giving someone the gift of transformation. It’s your contribution that restores hope and new life to those who are dedicated to taking all the necessary steps in embracing the best and the worst parts of themselves. You can rest assured that your sponsorship will be utilized responsibly to successfully leave a transformational mark within our communities. Leaving a transformational mark simply means that everyone who attends this event has gotten exactly what they came for, whether that’s assistance, hope, clarity, support, or whatever they needed to make the transformational shift in their lives. Here with Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc., we know how important it is to ensure that all resources are used as efficient and effective as possible with the best practices.

To become a sponsor,

download a copy of our sponsorship package,

fill it out, and email it to:


Click the PDF File to download

sponsorship package.

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