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About EPOA

The Problem

     Every day thousands of men, women, and children are struggling within their lives not just physically, but mentally as well. There's a seriously high demand for personal growth, development, and overall stability within our communities. Many men, women, and youth seek assistance because they truly desire better outcomes. The problem is, whenever they make the attempt, they are somehow dragged back into the very lifestyle they tried to escape. Some people fear change and they openly welcome familiarity; but what happens when what's familiar scares them more than the unknown? A shift occurs, but for many of these men, women and youth, that shift pushes them to rely on negative habitual patterns of destructiveness; whether that means going back to a life-threatening domestic violence relationship, coping with drugs and alcohol, or getting caught up in messy situations that lead to being incarcerated repeatedly. 

     The lack of ongoing assistance, support, guidance, and stable housing is a setback for many men and women who are dealing with these issues, including those with children who are desperately searching for a safe place of refuge and personal betterment. "Elite Phoenixes of America" is not just a nonprofit organization that focuses on sheltering men, women and children in need, we provide our participants with a program that can enrich their lives while rebuilding them from the core.

Who Are We & What We Do?


     Founded in February 2016 and established in November 2019, Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc., also known as EPOA is a full service tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers a unique and superior approach to:

  • Action packed personal development,

  • Customized strategic life planning,

  • Precise guided implementation,

  • Personal and professional maintenance / coaching,

  • Job placement and professional training,

  • Temporary housing program,

  • Hardship Funding,

  • And business funding for new businesses and small business expansions


     We are the first in our area to offer it on this level. As a membership based program, we offer our qualified clients an attractive service referred to as the Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience. This program is used to address and combat any problems they may be encountering within their lives. Our program is a six (6) month program dedicated to the mission of transforming, inspiring, and empowering our men, women, and children of today into powerful kings and queens of tomorrow. We provide:


     Our program is designed to disintegrate the participants past to help them heal from whatever pain they are fostering, distinguish their “right now” to help them understand and gain gratitude and appreciation, and then we begin to strategically organize their future for their desired success (this is also known as the rebuilding process). All our sessions are structured to ignite the intricate breakthrough of each participant. These meetings have been carefully designed to begin transformation from the inside out—literally giving the participants the ultimate blueprint for their lives. Upon completion of this program, participants will have learned how to accept, forgive, take accountability, focus, and move on. They will also learn how to fully map out a strategic plan of action to reach their ultimate life goals, whether personal accomplishments or career endeavors. Moreover, clients will learn the skill set of how to manage their income and outcome, allowing them to obtain and maintain financial stability for themselves and their families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the up-rise of urban communities by implementing strategic methods designed to eliminate poverty, distress, hardships, and adversities for low income individuals and families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to steer men, women, and children in a positive direction that will mitigate distress, crime, and poverty to define, captivate, and enhance awareness, strength, and fulfilled purpose.

Our Team

     Every organization needs a dedicated team to carry out its’ mission. Therefore Teamwork is of great importance. Our team members, board, and staff, including volunteers are committed to pushing forward together to reach our ultimate goal of restoring hope, healing, and building with the men, women, and youth of our communities. In working together to accomplish the ultimate mission of transforming, inspiring, and empowering our men, women, and children of today into powerful kings and queens of tomorrow, we will save, heal, and help more people live lives they can be proud of. Teamwork and collaborative efforts is imperative to our organizational needs and success. 

Who do we service?

     Although we are here for everyone, EPOA’s most dominant audience is made up of men, women, and youth who are or have experienced any life altering events that may be preventing them from evolving into the best version of themselves. These life altering events include, but are not limited to: 

  • High Risk Youth

  • Homelessness

  • Incarceration

  • Sexual | Emotional | Verbal Abuse 

  • Recovering Drug / Alcohol / Substance Addiction

  • Domestic Violence Abuse

  • Divorce | Starting Over and more…

What is the Phoenix and What Does It Represent?
     Derived from the Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a beautiful bird that represents strength, renewal, and victory of life over death. After living over the course of 500 years, the Phoenix bursts into flames and is reborn of its' own ashes. The Phoenix never dies. 
     Developing your Phoenix move means to declare the old you has reached its’ life expectancy and the new you is ready to emerge from the ashes. It's becoming aware of the eternal flame simmering inside of you. It’s that feeling within your gut that screams “I know without a shadow of a doubt, I have what it takes”. The ashes represents the pain, heartache, frustrations, fears, weak beliefs, insecurities, doubts, and lessons that you will now use to be reborn into an Elite version of yourself.
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