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Why Become An Elite Sponsor?

     For the past few years, we’ve been strategically working on a complete formula that would give birth to an enriched way of life. We’ve partnered with an innovative developmental program called T.I.E Elite Network, LLC. Through our alliance with T.I.E, we are able to provide our participants with top notch services such as the Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience, also known as DYPME. The DYPME is a full service program which includes a variety of services. Along with the DYPME services, Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc. provides additional services and assistance to ensure the success of our participants.

     Through your decision to become an Elite Sponsor, you are giving someone the gift of transformation. It’s your contribution that restores hope and new life to those who are dedicated to taking all the necessary steps in embracing the best and the worst parts of themselves. You can rest assured that your sponsorship will be 

carefully disbursed to those who have successfully met our program qualifications. Meeting our program qualifications simply means the participant is sincere in their desire to transform their lives and they will do what’s required to make the transformation shift. Here with Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc., we know how important it is to ensure that all resources are used as efficient and effective as possible with the best practices.

Our Services At A Glance . . .


To become a sponsor,

download a copy of our sponsorship package,

fill it out, and email it to:


Click the PDF File to download

sponsorship package.

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