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S.T.A.N.D. consists of the essential elements needed to strategically bring awareness, transformation, inspiration, and empowerment to the men, women, and youth within our communities. It is the core values that revolves around building our people up into the powerful kings and queens we know they are. 




Our organization tackles the problem of instability. We provide our participants with the necessary tools and resources to assist them in gaining and maintaining stability via:

  • THP (Temporary Housing Program)

  • Re-homing Assistance | Rental Assistance

  • Emergency Utility Assistance 

  • Job Training & Placement

  • Educational Guidance & Assistance

  • Mental, Emotional, & Physical Stability




We understand transitioning and change can be stressful and scary, which is why we make transitioning easier to manage and deal with head on. In order to transform, there has to be a dire need for change--all of the pressures of life must build to ignite the breaking point. Our participants are transformed via:

  • Acquired Personal Growth & Development

  • Strategic Life Planning & Implementation

  • Physical & Spiritual Health, Exercise, & Healing




Bringing awareness to the responsibilities individuals have in their own personal situations, enhances their ability to accept accountability for their own actions. Furthermore, accepting accountability will helps our participants to mend meaningful broken relationships while experiencing personal and professional growth.

  • Accountability Check-ins

  • Action Packed Life Coaching and more...




It's in our nature to be nurturers at some point or another. Oftentimes, we are brought up in environments that forces us to give up our nurturing side, allowing the nature of the surrounding environment to take over. The effects of this are bigger than we know because it ricochets onto our children and everyone around us. It's imperative that we allow ourselves to be guided in the appropriate direction to becoming our greater selves. 

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Meditation Events

  • Community Retreats and more...




Our organization aims to strengthen our participants by instilling self-discipline. Self-discipline is by far one of the most important factors to transforming lives. Areas include:

  • Financial Literacy

  • Cleanliness

  • Self Control

  • Food & Nutrition 

  • Motivational Workshops

  • Confidence Building Huddle Sessions

  • Empowerment Events and more...

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