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Robbie Pemberton

Chief Financial Officer

It's Not About Having Lots of Money,

It's Knowing How to Manage It.

     Licensed in Insurance and Annuities, Robbie Pemberton is a natural leader born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. As the daughter of one of the Original 13 Freedom Riders from Howard University, Robbie was destined to lead and motivate.

     Being breed as a servant leader having matriculated through Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, it wasn't long before Robbie answered the call to lead, train, and motivate starting her professional career.

     Holding management and supervisory positions in retail and restaurants the desire to teach, train, and coach was undeniable. Being able to convey complex concepts and procedures in a user friendly easy to understand manner is a skill that has proven valuable in the workplace.

     Spending 10 plus years in the financial services industry, Mrs. Pemberton facilitated financial money management seminars and credit building workshops for companies to ensure employee engagement and increased productivity. She provides business consultations and setup strategies for new and existing businesses to increase cash flow and maximize profits. Robbie has been able to fulfill her purpose of creating financial literacy and engagement in a manner that demystifies basic money management principles.

Through Mrs. Robbie's passion to stimulate positive financial growth, literacy, and implementation of strategic solutions, she has established a home as a valued member of the Board with Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc. as our Elite Treasurer.

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