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Fresh Start Initiative Program

Life After incarceration | Transitional Assistance

According to the Department of Justice, every year, more than half a million inmates are released from prison. Depending on the length of time spent, life can look totally different and transitioning may not be as easy. Some of the most common problems facing former inmates are the difficulty of finding stable housing; inadequate access to drug and alcohol treatment; and the lack of job opportunities, job training, and interpersonal skills. Due to many of these stressors, nearly two thirds of those who are released will be arrested again within three years, according to the Department of Justice reports. 

These issues — housing, treatment, employment — are critical, but there's another major issue facing former inmates that is complex to track: The problem of navigating a world that you've been locked away from for years, or even decades.

       During the Fresh Start Initiative Program, we not only provide our members with the necessary resources needed, but members also gain access to our FREE personal skills interactive workshops and our professional skill interactive workshops. These workshops are used to enhance or develop personal and professional skills, knowledge, and productivity. Partnered with the personal and professional interactive workshops, through our strategic partnerships, members will have the opportunity to take advantage of an intrinsic program referred to as the Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience, also known as DYPME. The DYPME is designed to assist each participant in their healing and transformation. It helps them regain full control of their lives through action-packed personal growth and development, customized strategic life planning, guided implementation, and personal and professional maintenance. As a member of Elite Phoenixes of America, Inc, participants are given a full opportunity to rebuild their


lives from the ground up. We work side-by-side with our members to ensure they are being strategically guided through the process of total transformation. Our program provides the additional resources and services needed to continue growth, elevation, and maintain a healthy life balance and positive abundance in the four quadrants of life: spirituality, holistic health, relationships with self and others, and finances. Our members are not our clients, they are our family; and a family that genuinely supports, loves, guides, strengthen, protect, and uplifts one another, stays together!



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