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Personal Maintenance Program

Ongoing "Follow-up" Service

     Ever wondered what happens to most men, women, and children once they complete a program designed to assist them in bettering their lives? (i.e. Shelters, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers, Transitional housing, Counseling, etc.) 


In many cases, many men, women, and youth are forgotten about and in other cases, others simply fall off the grid. However, in both instances, communication is the joining factor that both scenarios are lacking; whether this means the organization isn't continuously following-up or the individual isn't keeping in touch. Our Personal Maintenance Program is an ongoing continuation of growth and development to maintain communication, support, and positive progression. Our Chief Executive Officer/Founder, Shanell Williams says,

"We don’t want to just help you start your journey to greatness, we want to go through the trenches and finish strong standing side by side with you!”

     Therefore, we give our participants the opportunity to opt into our personal maintenance program upon their completion of the "Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience program to encourage growth in the direction that is best for them. This is important, especially for men, women, and youth who may experience minor or major setbacks. 

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