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Alongside your Developing Your Phoenix Move personal development book, your Elite Phoenix Strategic Life Planner Workbook is the key to your breakthrough. It helps to keep you on track as you navigate through the DYPM experience. This is not a book you want to attempt to complete all at once. To attempt to complete it in one day or one week, is like trying to force change to happen overnight—and that’s not how change works. If you do not rush through it and you are patient with this process, it will take you twelve weeks to complete. If you finish sooner than twelve weeks, you are rushing the process—and a rushed process cannot be trusted. If it takes you longer than twelve weeks, you have been unfocused and procrastinating. Impatience, the lack of focus, and procrastination are three of the main reasons why we are not able to manifest the reality we want. The practice of patience and being proactive is in full effect the moment you begin your 12 week journey to total transformation.

My Elite Phoenix Strategic Life Planning Workbook

SKU: 632835642834572
$77.77 Regular Price
$38.89Sale Price
  • Interior & paper type: Color interior
    with white paper 

    Paperback cover finish: Glossy

    Trim Size: 8.5 x 11 in

    Page Count: 185

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