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Author of the groundbreaking novel Almost Broken: The Secrets Within, personal development extraordinaire, and Chief Executive Officer of T.I.E Elite Network, LLC, Shanell Williams unlocks the thick glass door of transformation through sharing her journey from Almost Broken to becoming an Elite Phoenix. In this book, Shanell brings awareness through her experience, provides solutions, and shares day by day hands-on activating action steps designed to transform your life in 12 powerful weeks. Developing Your Phoenix Move breaks down the intricate process of handcrafting the life you desire: Spiritually, in Health, Relationships, and Financially. 

       A New Orleans, LA Native born to a strong single mother of 5, by the age of 17, Shanell had been taken advantage of sexually and mentally, attempted suicide, gotten pregnant, dropped out of school, and found herself battling domestic violence abuse. Motivated to transform her life, Shanell begin strategically following an intrinsic formula she refers to as the Developing Your Phoenix Move experience. By following her own formula, Shanell discovered, learned, and practiced becoming the best version of herself. She was able to define who she is and stand in her divine power. She destroyed the fears that once imprisoned her, mastered the art of self-discipline and will power, successfully built her business from scratch, learned how to create and control her energetic environment, and manifested the life she always knew in her spirit she could have. Today, she lives the life she handcrafted for herself through applying this unique method. 

       In Developing Your Phoenix Move, the hands-on Strategic Life Planning Specialist, shares with you her unique and special method to create a life filled with an abundance of peace, love, happiness, joy, and prosperity. Through this powerful 12 week process of transformation, Shanell's mission is to unveil the real reality of your truths. She picks up the pieces of life and helps you redesign your puzzle pieces to mirror your personal blueprint. She shows you first hand that, aside from The Creator, only you hold the blueprint to your life. You have what it takes to develop your phoenix move; and with Shanell, you can and will create and design the life you want!

Developing Your Phoenix Move: Your Handcrafted Journey to Becoming an Eli . . .

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  • Interior & paper type: Color interior
    with white paper

    Paperback cover finish: Glossy

    Trim Size: 6 x 9 in

    Page Count: 213

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