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The Developing Your Phoenix Move Experience

Length of Course:

12 Weeks

Start Dates:

April 13, 2020 - July 6, 2020

AM Session Times:

9:00AM EST. - 10:00AM EST.

PM Session Start Time:

7:00PM EST. - 8:00PM EST.

Course Price:

$2,599.00     FREE WITH BOOKS  | Covers full 12 Weeks

There is a limited amount of space per session. Choose the session that works best for your schedule. 


Space is filling up fast.

It's first come first serve. 

Weekly Topics:

Week One: Introduction to Self

Week Two: Accountability | Don't Count Yourself Out

Week Three: Out with the Negative, In with the Positive

Week Four: Seeking the Bearer of Your Strength

Week Five: Developing Your Phoenix Move

Week Six: The Balancing Act

Week Seven: Gratitude Enhancers

Week Eight: The Power of an Abundant Mindset

Week Nine: Habitual Substitution

Week Ten: Facing Your F.E.A.Rs

Week Eleven: Affirmation Obsession

Week Twelve: The Rise of the Phoenix

A Quick Message From the Host:

     These sessions are interactive. Transforming your life is a decision that only you can make. No one has the power to do that for you. They can contribute to your evolution, but they aren't the ultimate cause, you are. Upon attending these hands-on sessions, come prepared with the mindset to elevate and to explore different perceptions of the same truths. I'll elaborate exactly what that means in our first session. I look forward to exploring the Phoenix within you with you. Let's SOAR together.


Program Books Included.

REFUND POLICY: Making the decision to transform your life should be non-negotiable once the decision is authentically made. With that in mind, there is NO REFUNDS after purchase is made. True decisions don't require second thoughts.

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